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    Cemetery Crosses

    If you want white to show up better, get some "RIT" white dye (you can find it with the other fabric dyes in the grocery store). mix with water and paint on the crosses (or dip fabric in it). when dry it leaves a chemical that glows under UV light.
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    Honey I blew up the pixels!

    ......................... to avoid this in the future then the cheapest and easiest way is to use a bit of white tape near the plug with either 12v or 5V written on it, even better use red tape for 12vdc and blue tape for 5vdc that way you can easily differentiate between the 2 voltages. The...
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    Honey I blew up the pixels!

    Really feel the pain. Applied 12 volt to 6 stings of 5 volt pixels. blew the first few of each sting and a few others at various places. Cut out and replaced all the dead and crazy ones. Got distracted and Re-applied 12 volts to the same 6 stings. needless to say the new magic smoke...
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    Power directly from power supply

    Any reason not use use power directly from the power supply's and only use the controllers for the data? (two wires from the power supply and one from the controller). Power the controller from a wall wart.
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    Got that (no skipping) question is do they have to be in numerical order?
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    When importing from LOR, I got the do not skip channels or controller id's. Do the controllers and channels have to be in numerical order? Can the setup in LOR be Controller 1 channels, 1-2-5-11-16-3, Controller 3, channels 7-5-2-14, Controller 1 channels 3-4-6-10 etc?
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    Something different

    made some of these a few years ago and still use them. Here is a link for some pics. VERY cheap to make and hold up VERY well. Here is a video in action Here is a slide show of how they were made:
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    Contact J1Sys?

    check the PINED thread for Contact J1Sys above this thread. Still has the OLD and invalid address's. Maybe you or Fast Eddie can update the post? This is his Ebay store for PIC programmer stuff and does not have his controllers etc.
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    Contact J1Sys?

    the address in this forum for contact is Contact Details: [/size] (see above thread locked and pinned) this does NOT work and the forum header has NOT be updated. His web site is under contruction for the last year or so ? [/size]...
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    Contact J1Sys?

    heard from Ed. use Still NO response at all from Seasonal Entertainment phone or email.
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    Contact J1Sys?

    Got Ed at [/size][size=10pt] address listed on this forum is dead. No such luck on Seasonal Entertainment, 4 emails and 3 phone messages. No response. Looks like they have gone by the wayside or no longer want the work?
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    Contact J1Sys?

    anyone heard from Ed at J1Sys? email link no longer valid, web site under construction for nearly a year. have a board that needs repair, Has he gone by the way side?
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    Store is open for April 16,17th Las Vegas xLights two day seminar

    Sean: Do you plan on offering the DVD only for those of us unable to attend the Webinar?
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    I have a problem

    Keep in mind that RGB lights are powered at all times the power supply is on (even when the lights are not lit).
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    First Video 2015

    Great job Doug. like that the lights tell there own story not just flash to the beat Nice interpretation of the music.