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    My pixel tree

    1/8" Vinyl Coated wire rope. It's zip tied on there every few lights or so. The size and coating on the rope keep it from slipping.
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    My pixel tree

    It is a personal post. I do sell the tree as a kit though. The point wasn't to advertise the tree... I just wanted some feedback on the design. I worked my butt off trying to get it really well made! I'm working on a cool "star" for the top that uses the same technology (pixels). I'll post...
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    My pixel tree

    I decided to replace my old 25ft mega tree (10,000 lights) with my new 12 ft pixel tree. It was a hit last year and I figured it was time to swap out the old for new! Check out the pics below! It's running on a P12R and 2811 pixels. 30 strands with 45 pixs on each, 3" spacing. Kenny...
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    Nutcracker: New effect, tree

    Wow I love that... might just have to add that into a song... I was hoping for something to mimic a real tree! Success Sean!
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    Is nutcracker working with LOR S3??

    I used S3 this year and nutcracker... worked GREAT
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    Check out the new Pixel tree in my display using 2811's and a J1Sys

    First of all, thanks everyone for all the advice and help with the pixels this year. Ya'll are amazing people!
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    CCR Ribbon alternative to work with CCR controller

    Just buy a J1Sys and be done with the CCR stuff. It works well with LOR too... thats what I do :)