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  • Have you received the fix ?? should have arrived today as were sent by express post. Hope they did.
    Oh wow! I've been reading about this issue and thought I would have to make something instead.
    Hello again,
    Received today the "fixs" for the receiver boards you purchased from me.
    If you can email me your address again (never kept your address) I will post them to you ASAP.

    Greg Burton
    Good morning,
    Thanks for your interest.
    The items are brand new from this years bulk buy,
    I have
    1 F16V3 Differential expansion board w/ribbon cable
    4 F16V3 4 String Differential Smart Receiver Board; 3 still in original plastic unopened.
    Will sell for $145.00 AUD, this includes postage to your address by registered mail. If interested let me know, my email is gregory.burton217@gmail.com.
    Greg Burton
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