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    hey guy and girls, just wondering, i have a chinmey i put up on my roof, and i was wondering about the possibility of have some sort of small quantity of "smoke" rising from it. obviously i could have a little fan pushing it up from the chimney, but what sort of small fog machines are there...
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    View: how does i make this????
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    p12s now able to do 24 universes!!!

    can i still download the updates firmware from somewhere for the p12s?
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    Thoughts of static standalone pixel controller for frames?

    Hi, Just wondering, wire frames are old, covered in dodgy half working ropelights...... my kids love them, and im wondering if someone makes or if there would be demand from others for like a small static stand alone controller that would be programmed once and hold its set sequence or static...
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    Pixels Strips on Gutters

    where does one get this stuff at a reasonable price? ;p
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    Which gauge wire should i be using?

    dumb Q, but how did you get 88amps? 79*0.3w = 23.7w 23.7w/5v = 4.74a therefore, each light is 4.74amp draw, times by 8 = 37.92amps total @5v. am i barking up the wrong tree? just thought id throw it out there.
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    My North Pole Sign.......

    video of the ball illuminated with 8x ws2811 nodes inside. gotta get some 30led/m strip to test out the pole layout ....
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    My North Pole Sign.......

    not yet :( still working on the sign, and ive gotta get some pixels to put inside the balls, fried the last i had here :( plent of time :) ill put up some pics once i sort out my sign/lightbox :P
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    today send my moulds

    how expensive? and how is this done? what is needed to do it, etc ?
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    It's My Birthday..... and you can.....

    Hi Folks, Just a new song i wrote :) It's My Birthday..... and you can..... send me monies to paypal, monies to paypal, monies to paypal..... I would send monies to me too if i had some spare...... :P Jan2 is my birthday :( 1 year closer to 100. All donations will be gratefully accepted and...
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    Merry Christmas 2017

    :) thanks to all of the crew around on auschistmas for their support again. hope to be around a little more often in 2018 and sharing some of my new projects i have planned....... finances allowing. :)
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    My North Pole Sign.......

    that looks pretty nice. thanks. i think ill get some dual row led strip and run down it and do a test.
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    My North Pole Sign.......

    Hey people, Just wanna talk about my North Pole sign project for 2018. I have a 30cm "solar light" soon to be loaded with 9 or 11 pixel nodes....... sitting on top of 1.5m of 4" pvc with a stormwater coupler. a little advice, recommendation if someone could please. painting the pvc...
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    Slip Rings and E1.31 data....

    yeah, ill get a 30amp one and go from there i think. all good, just thought someone may have had some experience. ill get gear togerther for some new year testing. right after i clean up the area imma designate to "xmas creations" at the desk in the computer room.
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    Slip Rings and E1.31 data....

    hold the thought on e1.31, im silly, i meant pixel data, im no genius. haha. id run e1.31 to the controller at the box and it would send + gnd and data to the pixels. will be running ws2811 pixels nodes or something similar on the unit.