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    For those interested in a flagpole for a megatree

    I seen the photos of Beacys which folded in half last week Mine is the same age and was put through 120kmh winds the last week of November for about 1 day solid. The WA boys will know how bad the conditions were then. I have 4x Guy wires from the top to the base. Kept it from falling over. Tree...
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    Homemade Snow Fluid

    The Jaycar machines got recalled due to a reverse polarity issue in the 240v lead (or something like that anyway) I will see if I can find the recall report I got sent from electus. The 1200w machine is the go and is about as noisy as the 600w jaycar machine. Get the one with the 5L bottle if...
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    Just for Ryan - "World's Best" Christmas Lights (messages on hold)

    Dont even get me started on this bloke. He's wrote the book on ambush marketing (literally) Down to paying kids at the footy $20 to wave his stupid foam fingers behind the goals. A person who visited our display went up the night before and they said there was only about 5 or so cars in the...
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    Homemade Snow Fluid

    Thats ok Rob. Its a good simple recipe that works well in most machines. When our machines are running Im using about 8-12 L a night (between the 1200w and 600w machine.) Believe it or not the 600w machine chews it up faster the big girl. Saves me an absolute fortune on snow fluid. Im...
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    Alter RGB floodlight?

    David your right. Technically the Blue and green should have at least a 1 or 2 ohm resistor on it @12vDC just to be on the safe side. If need be I can try and find the data sheet for this type of LED In saying this I have 2 running like this at the moment (although its an EDISON chip) direct...
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    Alter RGB floodlight?

    Its a 12vDC COB LED. I think made by ChiLED by the looks of it. Most of these 10w modules have a vF figure of 12vDC for Green and Blue and 7vDC for the Red. The large resistor on the front side is to drop the feed voltage to the 7v for the Red colour. its 12 ohm. Current draw from these chips...
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    Happy birthday Mike

    Thanks Guys No blinky related presents yet, but the day is still young!
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    Announcing arrival of new blinky-flashy fan

    Congrats Kane. Good to hear everything went well. Now get to work on a flashing jumpsuit
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    Advise on RGB mini tree

    These are definitely bright. But the 12v and 5v ones I have here are the same brightness. Just different input power. Just because something is lower voltage dont mean that it has a low power consumption though. Its a very common misconception with low voltage lighting. Most of these strings...
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    Advise on RGB mini tree

    I retract my previous statement :D
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    Advise on RGB mini tree

    These lights are very bright comapred to the standard LED's so for that size tree I should imagine 100 would be plenty. Why not make your own mini trees? They are simple enough to do. Its basically a tomato cage modified to suit. Bunnings has them in various sizes. Just do one and try it out...
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    Blinky Christmas LED cards

    Hows something like this?
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    Pixel display board

    Few things you need to find out is what do you want to achieve. Is it just scrolling writing or is it going to be animated with video or something like that? What resolution do you want? How far away do you want to stand to get a good picture? Does it need to be double sided? What are your...
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    LSP 2.5 on vimeo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looks much better, lets see if its stable
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    ACL Members personal websites

    Can add my facebook page if you want for the WA chapter