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  1. Roosta

    Roosta's Display Build Thread

    Hey mate, Its been permanently on my roof since november 2017 and still works well.. The pixels cases have gone a bit brown and brittle, but yeah decided it was likely to be less damaging to leave them up all year.. I tried to think of all sorts of other ways to put them up evenly but yeah it...
  2. Roosta

    Power injection WITHOUT T connectors

    2pin socket at the end along with the 3pin, but still have used plenty of t pieces.. they are good to get you out of trouble..
  3. Roosta

    What's wanted

    I am using 8x or danv’s wifi pixel modules, initially off usb power banks with 2000ma battery, 18 nodes lasted about 2-3 hours.. Went to a 12v 7amp battery and a small 4.5w solar panel and yeah power works great.. Had issues with lag on the wifi last year so didnt end up using them but keen...
  4. Roosta

    Streaming music to mobile device?

    I get where you are coming from and have pondered an researched it for years and its just not achievable.. The closest i think someone got was a dedicated app for their lights that had the music preloaded to the mobile device and prompted the app to play a select track via a wifi connection...
  5. Roosta

    timer on house trips safety switch quite often

    Just my 2 cents mate... If you are going to go to the effort to try to find a fan-dangle consecutive start up relay machine and then pay him to wire it up for you, then why not just get him to do a small upgrade in your switchboard, run a couple of new circuits out to the powerpoints for the...
  6. Roosta

    any ideas on song choices for 2019

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wNxfJnWVQTE ;-)
  7. Roosta

    Bunnings disco solar ball

    I got some last year, maybe slightly smaller though.. Works great when pixelised.. 42990A03-D504-4551-94FE-436D0CB6B75B by Roosta posted Nov 16, 2018 at 9:51 PM IMG_5699 by Roosta posted Nov 10, 2017 at 10:27 PM
  8. Roosta

    Urgent - I've done it again

    If u get real desperate places like jaycar will have them on the shelf.. Just be prepared to learn an expensive lesson.. Alternatively, without know much about your setup, if in a similar boat, I would consider moving the load across to another power supply and reduce the brightness to minimum...
  9. Roosta

    Before and after videos when adding "null buffers" (a null pixel alternative)

    Couple of walk through before and after videos.. Alan feel free to use where ever mate.. Cheers, Nik
  10. Roosta

    sound controlled lightning

    Hi Ando, What club/bar could possibly be not for profit? Cheers, Nik
  11. Roosta


    Hahaha welcome Wray boy! Dont worry we will get u sorted mate..
  12. Roosta

    What's wanted

    Hahaha a beast indeed, and rather agricultural.. Thanks again for opening my eyes hahaha..
  13. Roosta

    Roll your eyes over my plan...

    Hey mate.. thats the right ray wu store.. freight does add up, but depending on size of order he does do a discount for freight.. the strip i used is...
  14. Roosta


    Well that sounds more promising :) As for distance and pixels, ideally 20-30m however realistically could get away with 10-15m. Pixel numbers, well not huge numbers, 100-200 would be enough for my application however for future projects/other peoples uses I would think similar to the wixel...
  15. Roosta


    Unfortunately in the application I need this in, there is no e1.31 data, just pixel data so I cant use a ESPixel stick Application is, I have several bluetooth pixel controllers for garden/bar and deck lighting. However in some of these places I have a need to put more lights in but getting...