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    Display location : FM frequency error

    Please try creating your display location without the FM frequency. Afterwards, I will try and add the frequency on your behalf. :) What browser did you experience the valid number error? Does the error persist even with a different frequency (odd/even step)? If editing an existing display...
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    Famous people with CLAP (your lights on TV or popular websites, etc)

    View: It is your turn to be in the spotlight, @itsdorny :D. Nice job with your display! And good luck with the comp. (Blame @BradsXmasLights who saw you on 7 News ;)) Edit: Video won't embed. Let's try an image instead (click to...
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    Display video editing

    + 7% cashback* with Cashrewards, if that is your thing. Just search for 'Corel' on the CR site and follow the instructions. *Upgrades attract a lower rate of 3.50%. I also use Corel VideoStudio, have done for years. In saying that I'm still using the 2018 version. I've read comments from...
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    I have an issue with LED panels in a Christmas light show

    Let me rephrase your statement to: 'I don't believe LED panels have any place in my Christmas light show' And my reply to this is: probably yes. I don't think that LED panels 'fit' with the rest of my Christmas display (at the time of posting - who knows in the future?). In saying that, I do...
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    AliExpress 11/11 sale (From 7pm AEDT) + 15% cashback with ShopBack (until 11:59 pm)

    AliExpress is having a 11/11 sale this evening, which could save you a little $$ if you are planning on purchase(s) for 2020 etc. Each of the below codes only have a limited number of redemptions so they may expire early. There could be other valid codes with different $ off / $ min spend...
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    ACL Members personal websites

    This does sound like an idea :). There are a few ways that personal (lighting display) websites and social media pages are presented around the site (e.g. your display location page), but not in a single list like the OP in this thread. The only one that comes close, I think, is member search...
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    [Complete] Site Outage 28 or 29 October 2019 (Late Evening) - Forum Upgrade

    Thanks for your patience during the recent site outage. It has almost been two days since AusChristmasLighting made the leap to the newest version of the XenForo forum software. While the big upgrade is behind us now, there are some remaining tasks for me to go through at a later date. Some...
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    Introducing the revamped Display Videos and Display Locations sections

    As mentioned in a previous announcement from earlier this month, numerous improvements have been made to both the display videos and display locations sections. These will roll out with the upcoming forum software upgrade and I can now reveal what is changing. Display Videos Let’s begin with...
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    [Complete] Site Outage 28 or 29 October 2019 (Late Evening) - Forum Upgrade

    NOTICE OF PLANNED SITE OUTAGE - Forum upgrade to XenForo 2.1 AusChristmasLighting is currently running an older version of the XenForo forum software, which is no longer supported. To receive new security fixes and support, the site must be upgraded. This upgrade will introduce some...
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    Discussion and feedback for XenForo 2.1 upgrade

    Unfortunately not. However, XenForo 2.1 does improve on the mobile experience compared to the existing site. Other than multi-site content aggregation, is there any Tapatalk feature that you'd like to see? While there is a XenForo 2 version of Tapatalk out there, it has been reported by admins...
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    Discussion and feedback for XenForo 2.1 upgrade

    Discussion and feedback thread for the XenForo 2.1 forum major upgrade announcement:
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    Heads up! A major forum software upgrade is on the way for AusChristmasLighting

    Hi all, Two years ago, AusChristmasLighting originally migrated to the XenForo 1.5 platform. And now, we’re just about ready to make the move over to the latest version of the software, XenForo 2.1. We’ve been planning for this transition for quite a while. I think that around about now is our...