Pixel Controllers

Pixel controllers will only work with low voltage DC RGB IC controlled pixel lights. These do not work with standard lights. The controller sends out data that communicates to an IC chip that is embedded into each section so you have individual control of each section. Data is transferred using one or sometimes two wires, depending on the IC type of the pixel lights. Where present, the second data wire transmits a clock signal. Otherwise, this signal is embedded into a single-wire data transmission.

Feature Comparison

Please note that limited information is contained within this table. Other details, such as supported Pixel IC types, should be checked prior to purchasing a controller.
ManufacturerModelDC VoltagePixel OutputsPixels per OutputProtocolDMX OutPer Output IC TypeTotal Price (US$)Price Per 100 Pixels (US$)
Falcon ChristmasFalcon F16v2-R EOL5V - 36V16680E1.31 4$200$1.85
Falcon ChristmasFalcon F16v35V - 36V161024E1.31 3$200$1.23
Falcon ChristmasFalcon F4v2 EOL5V - 36V4680E1.31 1$120$4.44
Falcon ChristmasFalcon F4v35V - 36V41024E1.31 1$120$2.93
Falcon ChristmasFalcon F485V481022E1.31 3$404 (with 12 receivers)$2.48
AdvatekPixLite 16 MKII5V - 30V161020E1.31 4$219.95$1.35
AdvatekPixLite 16 Long Range MKII5V - 24V161020E1.31 4$319.85 (with 8 receivers)$1.96
AdvatekPixLite 4 MKII5V - 24V41020E1.31 1$129.95$3.25
Light-O-RamaPixCon 165V - 30V16340E1.31, LOR 4$219.95$4.09
Light-O-RamaPixie 45V / 12V4170DMX512, LOR$59.95$8.82
Light-O-RamaPixie 165V / 12V16170LOR$99.95$3.70
SanDevicesSanDevices E6827V - 24V16~75 (7-12 universes per board)E1.31 1$180$15.13
SanDevicesSanDevices E68045V / 12V4~295 (7-12 universes per board)E1.31$99$8.32
AVD (da-Share)APC71812V - 35V125DMX512WS2801 or LPD6803$33 (AU)$-

Light-O-Rama Pixie controllers cannot run in E1.31 mode. Most also cannot run in DMX mode (except Pixie 4).

ManufacturerModelFPP DevicePixel OutputsPixels per OutputDMX OutTotal Price (US$)Price Per 100 Pixels (US$)
Falcon ChristmasPiCapPi2800 (WS281X) 1$35$2.19
Hanson ElectronicsrPi-28DPi3 (2 + 1)1000 (WS281X) + 600 (WS2801) 1$35 (AU)$1.35 (AU)
Hanson ElectronicsHE123BBB16680 (WS281X) 1$90 (AU)$0.83 (AU)
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