AC Controllers

AC controllers require alternating current (AC) to operate and use triacs that are designed to switch the AC supply. These cannot be used to control anything else other than an AC supply.

AC Controllers are used for things like mains voltage rope lights and strings.

This article involves working with 240Vac electronics
All 240Vac wiring must be carried out by a suitably qualified person.
(Electrician or similar required by law in Australia - check local regulations)

Feature Comparison

ManufacturerModelPre-builtAC VoltageChannelsChannel CurrentTotal CurrentProtocol(s)Total Price (US$)Per Ch Price (US$)
Light-O-RamaCTB16PC (site)120V / 240V168A15A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$155.95$9.75
Light-O-RamaCTB32LD (site)120V / 240V168A20A per 8 ChLOR, DMX$244.95$15.31
RenardRenard SS8 (site)120V / 240V84A15ARS232, DMX
RenardRenard SS16 (site)120V / 240V164A15A per 8 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard SS24 (site)120V / 240V244A15A per 12 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard 16 (site)24V - 240V164A15A per 8 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard 24 (site)24V - 240V244A15A per 12 ChRS232, DMX
RenardRenard64 (site)24V - 240V644A7A per 4 Ch SSRRS232, DMX
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