The CTB16D is the original 16-channel AC controller and is priced higher than the CTB16PC.

  • AC controller
  • 16 channels
  • Preassembled or Kit
  • 120vac or 240vac operating voltage - note: must be set by a jumper (refer to manual)
  • 2 amp max per channel without high-power heatsink or 8 amp max per channel with high-power heatsink
  • 8 amp max per bank (side) without high-power heatsink or 20 amp max per bank (side) with high-power heatsink
  • LOR/DMX protocol support
  • Screw connector
  • From $199.95 US standard sale price assembled (without heatsink, enclosure or other extras)
  • Controller ID set by 2 on-board rotary switches
  • 5000 command limitation when run in standalone mode (without a computer or director)



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