The CR150D is the original Cosmic Colour Ribbon, with 50 RGB channels. It is a form of intelligent RGB strip and is designed to be used with a CCR controller. For the newer 2nd version see CCR-II

The CCR package retails at US$249 and contains the following:
  • 1x Cosmic Colour Ribbon (5-metre length)
  • 1x CCR Controller
  • 1x 12Vdc 4A power supply
  • 10x mounting clips
  • Printed user manual


  • 150 total channels divided evenly between RGB (or 50 RGB channels)
  • 12Vdc
  • 36W (3A) maxiumum power
  • 5-metre length
  • 120 degree angled LED
  • LPD6803 5-bit


  • Designed to be used with the CCR 5-metre 150 channel strip
  • 7 macro channels - ''e.g. chase left to right, fill, twinkle center out, colour fade. (see manual for full detail)''
  • Controller ID settable from Hardware Utility (must be powered)
  • LOR or DMX protocol - NOTE: DMX mode can be settable to:
    • RGB channels only (150ch)
    • or macro/effect channels only (13ch)
    • or RGB and Macro channels (157ch)


Quick Start Guide

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