LOR Adapters

An adapter is required to allow control of Light-O-Rama controllers using a computer<sup>[1]</sup>. There are both serial and USB based options available.

ModelPort TypeDriverMax Distance To First ControllerRJ45 QtyOptimised For Sensor InputWireless RF-V4 SupportPower Isolation<sup>[2]</sup>500K Network Speed
SC485SerialNo30 metres1Unsupported
USB485USBYes1.2 kilometres1Unsupported
USB485BUSBYes1.2 kilometres2Unsupported
USB485-ISOUSBYes1.2 kilometres2 1500vUnsupported
USB485-HSUSBYes1.2 kilometres1

  1. More advanced networks which include E1.31 controllers may not require a serial or usb-based adapter, if a E1.31 controller has at least one DMX universe output included. In such cases, a ESTA-LOR adapter cable is usually required between the E1.31 controller DMX out and the first LOR controller - see DMX Adapter Leads.
  2. Power Isolation limits cross-talk between multiple adapters and prevents damage to controlling pc from power spikes.


The LOR USB adapters require a driver installation to work correctly, and once configured will display as a USB to Serial adapter. The adapter should include a driver CD when ordered from Light-O-Rama. Alternatively the drivers can be obtained from FTDIChip.com (select the link which corresponds to your show computer's operating system)

There are four versions of the USB-RS48:
  • USB-RS485 -
    • one RJ45 jack
  • USB-RS485B -
    • all features of USB-RS485 plus
    • one additional RJ45 jack
    • Wireless RF-V4 support
    • optimisation for working with sensor inputs
  • USB-RS485-ISO -
    • all features of USB-RS485B plus
    • isolation against power spikes and cross-talk
  • USB-RS485-HS -
    • all features of USB-RS485 plus
    • support for 500K network speed


The serial adapter does not require any driver installation to work. Maximum distance from computer to first controller is 30 metres. Longer runs must use the USB adapter. Includes a single RJ45 controller connection.

D-light USB RS-485

D-Light USB RS-485 Adapter to DMX XLR
Connect as follows (color is assuming TIA/EIA-568B cable):
  • RJ45 pin 4 (blue)-> XLR pin 3 (DMX512 Data +ve)
  • RJ45 pin 5 (blue w/white stripe) -> XLR pin 2 (DMX512 Data -ve)
  • RJ45 pin 6 (green) -> XLR pin 1 (GND)


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