The 2nd version of the Cosmic Colour Ribbon.
  • 5 Meter Strip
  • White wire and connectors
  • IP68 rating for outdoor use
  • Voltage = 12Vdc
  • 150 LED - 3 LEDs per pixel
  • WS2811 8-bit 3-wire ribbon
  • Lead wire and dangle give over 7' reach.
The CCR-II is controlled by LOR's Pixie4, Pixie8, Pixie16 and Pixcon16 devices (sold separately). It will also work with third-party pixel controllers that support WS2811, like the PixLite 4, PixLite16 or F16v2. It is NOT compatible with the Cosmic Color Ribbon Controller.

Third-party 12Vdc WS2811 RGB strip in silicone tubing will be similar to the CCR-II aside from the connector types and warranty.

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