Light-O-Rama Software Suite


As of Light-O-Rama Software Suite S2, multiple licence tiers are in place. They are:
EditionNew ($US)Upgrade ($US)LOR ControllersExtras
Basic-Plus$69.95+$20 (from Basic)4All of Basic, and:
Beat Detection, Video Playback, Calendar Scheduling
Standard$99.95+$30 (from Basic-Plus)8All of Basic Plus, and:
Background sequences, Startup/Shutdown sequences
Advanced$139.95+$40 (from Standard)UnlimitedAll of Standard, and:
Native DMX (16 universes), E1.31, X10, Dasher, Shell command support
EditionNew ($US)Upgrade ($US)LOR ControllersExtras
Pro$189.95+$50 (from Advanced)UnlimitedAll of Advanced, and:
Pixel Editor (Nutcracker implementation), enhanced LOR network protocol
There is also an Add-On called SuperStar, which ranges in price from $29.95 to $499.95 depending on number of channels supported.

SuperStar is according to the web site: "Think of SuperStar as a pixel-centric “front end” to the Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor."

Licences do not expire but must be renewed in order to continue using newer releases after 12 months or 1 major release (whatever is longer). More details and to purchase are available on the Light-O-Rama website.

Help and Documentation

Light-O-Rama software documentation is available from


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