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    Mounting fascia board matrix

    Hello all, I cant quite wrap my head around mounting this matrix to my fascia. Any ideas?
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    FPP controller aka nuclear football

    Here is a new brain i've been working on since December. Just finished, everything is totally modular. the case it a harbor freight apache case. From to top left we have 3x raspberry pi 4 with oled display 1x raspberry pi 4 with red spinning led and IC2 output 1x 5 port gig switch 1x IC2...
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    Vixen VS XLights midlife crisis

    Thank you this is exactly what I'm looking for
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    Vixen VS XLights midlife crisis

    Hello Im looking for some guidance. I have bean using Vixen for the last 4years and this past year it was quite slow ( I assume its relative to the number of pixels i have now) Is there some thing I should be doing to Vixen to help optimize performance or Should i just move on to Xlights ? Im...
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    Hello from Boston, MA

    I was just thinking, I wish someone told me this when i started out...... although my show is decentralized. (I went the arduino route I would not recommend this to anyone) The F48 Differential Controller is a piece of art just buy it immediately or you could go with a few pi and some Falcon...
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    Hello from AYER, MA

    Drop me a email when you come by I'll show you what makes it tick.
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    Hello from AYER, MA

    I have...... I very rarely post i find between this site and falconchristmas with a little searching i almost never have to ask any questions. this is a little of my labors. View:
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    Which gauge wire should i be using?

    I have 5v and 12v in my display. 5v looks cheap and a good way to start out but with all power injection every 50 leds it really isn't a good deal.
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    Hello from AYER, MA

    Hello all, I love this forum its a great resource.
  10. carol of the bells

    carol of the bells (2018)

  11. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (2018)

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    Another Arduino pixel controller

    I sill cant get this to compile I tried changing the version of the arduino ide to 1.6.1 . I cant seam to find an older version of the ethercard library so I changed //static void sACNPacket(word port, byte ip[4], const char *data, word len) { to static void sACNPacket(unsigned int...