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    Superman's 2014 House Projection test

    wow that seems fairly straight forward. Is there any video output settings you need to configure or does it know to output via the HDMI etc?
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    Projection Config

    I think I'll use a separate mac mini to run video output.
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    Superman's 2014 House Projection test

    Hey mate, I know this is an old thread but wondering if you could share how to configure this in xLights etc? I can't seem to find any info on it. Are you Using a Pi or something else for video output?
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    Projection Config

    Hey Guys, Looking to add projection into my show this year. Am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for setting this up in xLights? I am using xSchedule on a separate Mac and was hoping to use this instead of a Pi player. Has anyone done this or have any links on how to do...
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    F16V3 Crashing when xLighst config is pushed to it.

    Seems to have worked. Not crashing anymore. Cheers guys
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    F16V3 Crashing when xLighst config is pushed to it.

    cheers guys. Will give it a go. Hopefully that's it but will keep you posted
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    F16V3 Crashing when xLighst config is pushed to it.

    Hey all, recently upgraded to 2020.25 in xLights I also added a mega tree and star to my layout this year. For some reason if i select expansion card in either xlights or the controller it crashes the control - by crash I mean when I reboot the controller it just hangs on the bootup screen. I...
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    Faulty OLED Screen

    Hey Guys, Have just turned on my F16V3 for the first time and the OLED screen has missing lines. Is it a faulty screen? Anyone else had this issue?
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    Ben's Build Party September who is interested

    Interested pending dates too.
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    12v or 5v if power consumption is not an issue?

    Is there a way to have longer runs without power injection though?
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    Hello, new member from Sydney

    Am keen to learn also. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated