1. AussiePhil

    Current draws and voltage drops for WS2811 5V Square pixels

    Hi all. This work supersedes any other published numbers for 2811 pixels that is currently pinned. These results are based on four 100 count strings of Ray Wu square 2811 pixels, 5v, 100mm (4") spacing. Pigtails as supplied by Ray. The power injection however is custom made designed to minimise...
  2. WS2811

    WS2811 is an 8-bit LED Driver IC for RGB Pixels from WorldSemi. The IC is separate from the LED package.
  3. David_AVD

    Wi-Fi Pixel / DMX Controllers

    Another board I've made recently uses the ESP-01 wi-fi module to provide a pixel or DMX output. It runs the most excellent ESPixelStick firmware. Pricing is not yet finalised. Here's a temporary product page. The pixel and DMX versions will have different part numbers. The pixel version has...