1. OzAz

    Tingira Lights Haunted House Ride 2019

    Took a few photos of the haunted house ride and wrote up a bit of an explanation (see attached word doc) You can see all the pics and the video on my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gwrbvjs9jb6tq6t/AAC9BQ7JvsNd5qAkTUZVF79Ka?dl=0
  2. Chad

    My first ever show - Halloween 2019

    I've been building up to this point since Xmas last year, with Halloween a soft launch/test before building up with more lights to Xmas this year. What a learning curve, and issues even up to the 11th hour yesterday, with the sun setting and still no lights. I still have a few things to fix and...
  3. QLDKing(Brad)

    Instructional video on how to build a 3D Ghost

    Found this on YouTube and thought may be of interest to some of you doing Halloween.
  4. BrooklynLights83

    How to wire this custom jackolantern prop

    Hey gang, hoping someone out there has the patience to help me out. This is my first year as a home owner that I am going to attempt a halloween or Christmas display. I have no previous programing or electrical experience what so ever. I have been "researching" and dabbling in trying to build a...
  5. OzAz

    halloween prop concept

    Two skeleton gravediggers either side of a grave, grave has an infinity mirror in it. Using talking skeletons, one could say "I think you've dug the hole too deep" then the other replies "what do you think children". Use a sensor to trigger the conversation each time ToTs approach. I'm thinking...
  6. OzAz

    Joking Skeletons sound tracks

    For those interested this link is zip file of 3 joking skeleton soundtracks, each about 10 minutes long. They are for animated talking skeletons (or other Halloween talking prop) that have a voice input, with left channel for one voice and right for the other.
  7. OzAz

    Tombstone video projection

    The other Halloween project this weekend, a tombstone for projecting video onto. 1 sheet of Multi-Use Foam Board Grey paint Black paint My distressing/ageing didn't work out very well and for some reason the grey paint has "eaten" a small section :( Not too worried though, as long as the...
  8. OzAz

    Living / Paranormal Portraits

    Using guide here: https://atmosfx.com/blogs/community/step-by-step-build-your-own-unliving-portrait-gallery put together one of many new Halloween props. 2 of 22' monitors (acquired) 2 of 1080p HDMI/VGA Media players (ebay) 1 of Dual HD LED TV Desk Mount Monitor Stand 2 Arms Hold 2 Screens Vesa...
  9. OzAz

    New Christmas Expo for 2019 (USA)

    Just spotted this, thought others may be interested. The group that does one of America's biggest Halloween and Haunt Expos -TransWorld are doing a Christmas Expo as well next year (2019)
  10. Halloween 2017

    Halloween 2017

    Just some photos of my halloween display
  11. Halloween 2017

    Halloween 2017

    Just some photos of my halloween display
  12. Halloween 2017

    Halloween 2017

    Just some photos of my halloween display
  13. Halloween 2017

    Halloween 2017

    Just some photos of my halloween display
  14. OzAz

    Halloween Music

    Want some Halloween themed music for your Halloween party or background music for your Halloween show? links for sites with free music: Monster Mashups - Go to the Photos page then click on the Monster Mash Albums. Mashups from 2004 till 2016, 2017 currently in the works. - Songs with...
  15. QLDKing(Brad)

    If I knew then what I know now....

    After watching the videos from the Adelaide 2017 mini by @Fing and @BradsXmasLights I have been thinking about what tips others can add, given members are starting to concentrate on Halloween, Thanks Giving (for the US members), and of course, Christmas. Obvious ones are switch it off and on...
  16. JonD

    The Phantom Manor 2017 progress

    I just thought I would jump on the bandwagon and show off the progress of this years haunt. This is our 11th year of celebrating halloween and the 4th year of our indoor attraction. Last years haunt was a pretty big year with a major renovation of all the internal walls taking what was a 6mtr x...
  17. djgra79

    Peekaboo tombstone

    Last year I wanted to make one of these: View: https://youtu.be/O6scAyuJCEU But the mechanism is quite tricky (even original builder said so!) and house renos got in the way, so it was abandoned to this year. My 2nd attempt at the mechanism worked OK at first but then decided to have an epic...
  18. B

    xTreme Sequences brings you two fun releases: One for Christmas and one for Halloween

    Turn Down For What is not your typical Christmas classic by any stretch of the imagination but when someone challenges me to take a rap song and give it some Christmas flair I run with it! LOL https://www.xtremesequences.com/product-page/turn-down-for-what-2017 Castle Party has a jazzy feel...
  19. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Virtual Santa

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Virtual Santa

    Presented by thecrazylightlady. What is Virtual Santa and what do you need to make it work in your Christmas display?
  20. B

    New Boscoyo Studios 100 Node Black Widow

    Check out the new Boscoyo Black Widow with 100 nodes of frightful delightful creepiness! This will crawl its way to Boscoyo Studios in a timely manor. Ohhh Ha ha Ha Ha..... It will also include the Model to import with 12 Submodels so you can bring to life freakishly cleaver effects. View...
  21. OzAz

    #FunWithBoscoyo - Spooky Eyes

    Got my big box of Boscoyo products on Friday, just before the Sydney/Newcastle mini, finally got to work on them tonight. First job, fit 50 pixel string to Star (for my megatree). Second putting the Spooky Eyes together, very simple job; now I know why everyone raves about Jame's products...