1. S

    Networking Hardware Compatability

    Hi all, I am trying to enhance my home network to accomplish separate VLAN's for: 1) personal trusted devices, 2) IoT devices and christmas light show, 3) guest wifi network. While I realize that this might be slightly overkill, I am hoping to learn more about networking in general as part of...
  2. S

    Building Home Network

    I am moving into a new home that does not seem to have any coax connection installed inside the home. I don't think there is even a connection coming into the house from the ISP, but I am fairly confident that the ISP will be responsible for that. Given this somewhat blank slate, I am trying...
  3. David_AVD

    Mounting Hardware

    Now available in the da-Share shop: M3 x 6mm plastic screws M3 x 10mm plastic screws M3 x 10mm plastic spacers M3 x 15mm plastic spacers They are all sold in packs of 25, so enough to mount six 4-hole PCBs with a spare in case you drop one! Stock is limited at present as I wanted to inspect a...