1. Chad

    My first ever show - Halloween 2019

    I've been building up to this point since Xmas last year, with Halloween a soft launch/test before building up with more lights to Xmas this year. What a learning curve, and issues even up to the 11th hour yesterday, with the sun setting and still no lights. I still have a few things to fix and...
  2. T

    1st Display - Please Help Me

    Hey All, First time poster and first time displayer. Been a huge Christmas light fan but have only just moved into our own home after renting. Wanting to frame the roof line, garage and windows. Just wondering if I can get ideas on the best products and more importantly how to do people hide...
  3. M

    Hello from Georgia/USA - feeling overwhelmed

    Decided I wanted a pixel tree display for Christmas with plans to expand each year so I started researching and feel paralyzed. I do not want to make a bad decision with equipment so having a hard to getting started. maybe I started to late for this year? Lots of good information on this site...
  4. N

    First Purchase Advice

    I am about to start down the magical (crazy?) path towards CLAP and I would like some advice on my first purchase. My initial ideas are: Buy a few things to explore with before diving right in Ensure what I buy can expand easily into a larger display Here is what I am thinking: From Ray Wu 2...