1. D

    Newbie in Virginia

    I've got a ton of incandescent lights now but want to get in to RGB pixels for next year. I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I'm ready to start buying after the holiday. Hopefully then the prices will drop as demand drops. I'm open for any pointers or sites that sale quality products...
  2. B

    Newbie wanting to start

    Hi all, Im after some solid advice on where to start with all this as i have been interested in int for a while now. I have been trolling the forum for setup guides and examples on where to start etc and have had some major insight reference power injection, though the electrical side worries me...
  3. Chad

    My first ever show - Halloween 2019

    I've been building up to this point since Xmas last year, with Halloween a soft launch/test before building up with more lights to Xmas this year. What a learning curve, and issues even up to the 11th hour yesterday, with the sun setting and still no lights. I still have a few things to fix and...
  4. T

    1st Display - Please Help Me

    Hey All, First time poster and first time displayer. Been a huge Christmas light fan but have only just moved into our own home after renting. Wanting to frame the roof line, garage and windows. Just wondering if I can get ideas on the best products and more importantly how to do people hide...
  5. M

    Hello from Georgia/USA - feeling overwhelmed

    Decided I wanted a pixel tree display for Christmas with plans to expand each year so I started researching and feel paralyzed. I do not want to make a bad decision with equipment so having a hard to getting started. maybe I started to late for this year? Lots of good information on this site...
  6. N

    First Purchase Advice

    I am about to start down the magical (crazy?) path towards CLAP and I would like some advice on my first purchase. My initial ideas are: Buy a few things to explore with before diving right in Ensure what I buy can expand easily into a larger display Here is what I am thinking: From Ray Wu 2...