1. L

    Controlling multiple addressable strips without BBB Cape

    Hi! I am brand new to this forum, so if I am stepping out of line by posting this question please let me know and feel free to point me in the right direction of existing threads. I have been tasked with a rather unique project involving wearable led displays. Essentially, I need to be able...
  2. Matthew Thompson

    HELP - BBB Wont power up

    Morning all, I have programmed my MSD card and set my octoscroller up a few weeks back. I was able to log into the BB via the USB cable. This morning i hooked everything up to my P10 panels and turned it on and the BBB has no LED lights at all. Roaming through Google and have tried flashing the...
  3. AAH

    P10 freebie

    For anyone buying 4 or more P10 panels from my site I will throw in either an Octoscrolla or a rPi-P10 to allow controlling them from either a BBB or a Pi. When ordering just say which you'd prefer. I also have stock of the IDC cable and IDC crimp connectors needed for making up custom length...