1. firebat

    First WS2811 Pixel System

    Hi All, Firstly, awesome community you have here lads!! Everyone is super helpful and keen for lighting madness! Shoutout to @darylc who is a uber legend sending through a special edition F16v3 quick smart. So anyway.... I've been reading, searching and attempting to answer my own questions...
  2. T

    12V Strip max length without power injection

    hi all, am I right that strips which support 12v or 24V have fewer addressable pixels? so 5V, 60smd/m = 60 pixels 12V, 60cmd/m = 20 pixels 24V.. ? I need to do an installation with multiple strips of 6,2m length. Will this work with 12V strips If I inject at the beginning and at the end of...
  3. David_AVD

    Wi-Fi Pixel / DMX Controllers

    Another board I've made recently uses the ESP-01 wi-fi module to provide a pixel or DMX output. It runs the most excellent ESPixelStick firmware. Pricing is not yet finalised. Here's a temporary product page. The pixel and DMX versions will have different part numbers. The pixel version has...