power injection

  1. T

    12V Strip max length without power injection

    hi all, am I right that strips which support 12v or 24V have fewer addressable pixels? so 5V, 60smd/m = 60 pixels 12V, 60cmd/m = 20 pixels 24V.. ? I need to do an installation with multiple strips of 6,2m length. Will this work with 12V strips If I inject at the beginning and at the end of...
  2. G

    Answered Problems with double or superior led strings .....

    guys, I have a problem with the LEDs ... if I combine two strings of 50 pixels one and go into the test with F4V3 the first turns on properly, while the second no! I open a new package of 10 new LED strings and I tried to repeat the same operation, with the difference that joining two strings...
  3. aplant92

    Question about when to have a 'common ground'

    Hi all, I'm planning on putting in more than one power supply in my show this year, and want to make sure I understand the need for a common ground between those power supplies. If each power supply is powering different, disconnected elements, do they need a common ground between the other...
  4. T

    48 VDC to 5 VDC with converters and quicksplicers?

    hi all, I plan to run a 48V line from my meanwell HEP-320-48A along my 30m 5V led stripe and I do power injection every 2m. (it needs to be 2m) I want to use DCDC converters to get the voltage down to 5V. 2m of my stripe need 36W and 7,1A. I found cheap converters on alibaba: 48 VDC to 5 VDC...
  5. Sydney Mini 2017 - Power Injection and RGB Pixel Data

    Sydney Mini 2017 - Power Injection and RGB Pixel Data

    Presented by lithgowlights. What happens to your RGB Pixels if you don't inject power and what are the common methods of power injection with one or multiple power supplies?
  6. OzAz

    Power Injection Question

    in the picture is there a necessity to have the power feeding between the two strings of pixels? Assuming: controller output is 5VDC at 5A (25W) and each string of 50 pixels draws 15W; only two strings of 50 pixels. As per this wiring diagram? -V ---P---P--- V- D ---P---P +V ---P---P---...