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  1. Christopher Moss

    Virtual Santa / Holiday Projection LED projection

    Hello All, ... We are Virtual Santa / Holiday Projection, and are new to this forum / thread. We are excited to offer all our new 2300 lumen LED projector bundle. If you have any questions, please let us know. Virtual Santa / Holiday Projection
  2. OzAz

    Tombstone video projection

    The other Halloween project this weekend, a tombstone for projecting video onto. 1 sheet of Multi-Use Foam Board Grey paint Black paint My distressing/ageing didn't work out very well and for some reason the grey paint has "eaten" a small section :( Not too worried though, as long as the...
  3. OzAz

    Video Projection Mapping software

    Attached is a list I've put together of all the video projection mapping software I could find (I may have purposely omitted some of the very high end or esoteric ones). No one site I found listed all the programs I've listed, which is what prompted me to put this list together as a reference...
  4. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Virtual Santa

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Virtual Santa

    Presented by thecrazylightlady. What is Virtual Santa and what do you need to make it work in your Christmas display?
  5. Adelaide Mini 2015 - Full House Projection (with Adobe Premiere)

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - Full House Projection (with Adobe Premiere)

    Presented by Superman for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 2. A walkthrough on projecting video onto your whole house using a short throw projector and a combina...
  6. Sydney Mini 2015 - VPT7 3D Projection Mapping

    Sydney Mini 2015 - VPT7 3D Projection Mapping

    Presented by bbayjohn for the Sydney Mini 2015 - Day 1. VPT 7, a free software utility for achieving 3D Projection from a single projector.