raspberry pi

  1. MasterGM


    Hello! I'm new to this word of LEDs, and I need some help to see if there is any "ready to use" software to what I'm looking to do! First of all, a bit of background, I'm using a couple ESP32 with WLED and xLights to drive some leds(around 9k), and.. well it works perfectly, i make the...
  2. F

    Off Grid Controller Setup - First timer

    Hi all, This is my first pixel project, so apologies for the basic questions. I want to create an off-grid led show that will run for around 8 hours. I plan to sequence around 8 hours (8 x 1-hour sequences) worth of music in Xlights. The show will be in an area with no wifi/internet...
  3. Derf

    Experimentation - Xlights / Xschedule running on Raspberry Pi 4

    Hi All, Have been playing around with the principal of running Xlights / Xschedule on a raspberry pi as an alternative for a dedicated PC for running virtual matrix's. This is extremely experimental and will probably not work for everyone. BACKGROUND: During the year I purchased $6 AUD p4...
  4. MD389

    Answered P10 Confusion

    Hey all, This year we will be having a few P10 matrix's but in the testing phase i've run into a confusing issue which I can't seem to resolve. The panel(s) seem to receive the data but output a 3 on, 3 off, 3 on, 3 off pattern. To help troubleshoot the issue and make sure im not going crazy...
  5. S

    Answered Can xLights create sequence with multiple IPs?

    I have setup some arches and a megatree in xLights, and all appears to run ok from my PC. These models consist of WS2811 (12v) strips and pixel strings that are controlled by a Pixlite16 (with static IP). I also have some WS2801 (5v) strips that I want to include in my display, in a...
  6. TastyHamSandwich

    FPP Won't Run Scheduler/Play Playlist Until I Plug Ethernet In

    Greetings, everyone! So I've got something of a unique issue in front of me, suddenly. I haven't seen this problem in the past, but I've so far been unable to roll back to a version of FPP that doesn't do this to me. I warn you now of the wall of text that is coming up, so skip to the bottom...
  7. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Falcon Player: what is it, why use it?

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Falcon Player: what is it, why use it?

    Presented by keithsw1111. What is Falcon Player and why would you want to use it in your Christmas lights display?
  8. damona

    RDM Protocol Testing Using a RaspberryPi

    http://www.lightingandsoundamerica.com/mailing/PLASAProtocol/PWinter13_RDMRaspberryPi.pdf Might be useful for people who make hardware. PS Is it worth having a Forum section for Single Board Computers e.g RasberryPi
  9. Sydney Mini 2017 - Falcon Player on a Raspberry Pi

    Sydney Mini 2017 - Falcon Player on a Raspberry Pi

    Presented by TByrne. How do you set up a Raspberry Pi as a show computer with Falcon Player and xLights FPP Connect?
  10. Adelaide Mini 2015 - Raspberry Pi running Falcon Player

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - Raspberry Pi running Falcon Player

    Presented by Superman for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 2. Thanks to Falcon (Pi) Player, you no longer need to have a "show computer" running your show. Apolo...
  11. Falcon Player

    Falcon Player (formally Falcon Pi Player, FPP) does remote playback of your sequences without a using relatively expensive laptop/desktop. It is a solution to the conductor or director products. The Falcon Player (FPP) runs on Linux, which is on a Sing