1. Bendigo

    Answered SanDevices E6804 not driving new WS2811 pixels

    Hi all. I have just moved to Australia (Sunshine Coast QLD) and am setting up my house for Christmas. I have just had a delivery of some new 5v ws2811 pixels from Ray Wu and some 5v WS2812B strips. I am driving them from a SanDevices e6804. I am seeing two different behaviors: 1. WS2812B...
  2. D

    Hello from Geelong, Australia

    Howdy folks! This is my second year only of putting up lights, but the first year to attempt computer controlled light shows. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, running Falcon Pi Player to hopefully control a SanDevices E682 currently being shipped, a MeanWell 12V/29Amp power supply (LRS-350-12)...
  3. 924aussie

    4 pin screw terminals for SanDevices E682

    Does anyone know where i can get more 4 pin screw terminals that you use to connect cable to the SanDevices e682. I have seen some at jaycar online and RS online but they quote pitch sizes. Not sure which one I need for the board . Thank you
  4. Tonyst

    Answered Ray Wu's store ... (WS2811, WS2812 new pixel timing and controller compatibility?)

    Has anyone had any problems with lights from Ray Wu's store? I have just got a delivery of pixel strings and they are not working. Previously bought strings work but put the new ones in and nothing.