1. ermarquez

    Gaps on effects when importing sequences

    Hi Everyone, i have tried to purchase a sequence effect and imported to may own layout . The result is not that really good and notice some gaps within the song without any effects or lights at all ? any hints why this it is happening, any solutions to avoid it or worse case any hints to fill...
  2. Mr.Grinch sequence

    Mr.Grinch sequence

    My 2nd Christmas sequence with music
  3. Mark_M

    Finding the hit song of 2021

    By this time, most of us will have sequences ready to go. But what will be the 'hit song' of 2021? I have come across a Christmas movie being released this year. Sadly it's being released November 24th and I cannot find a sound track right now. [Yes, I subscribe to Wallace & Gromit]. View...
  4. How to Second Layout in xLights

    How to Second Layout in xLights

    Finally went true the documentation process of how to properly create a second layout in xLights and still use all my controllers ports and channels. It's pretty simple. Instructions also point how to change your permanent show folder and some organizational tips.
  5. S

    Thats Christmas to Me Pentatonix

    Wondered if anyone has sequenced this song for a megatree and had a sequence they would be willing to share?
  6. QLDKing(Brad)

    Have you heard the one about.....

    in that year long quest of Christmas music listening, have you ever heard a song that you thought "that could be a good one". Obviously it's all a personal preference but thought I would start a thread of songs that may give others ideas. I heard this one the other day One thing I have...
  7. djgra79

    Avicii mix

    There was some chat in the chatroom (good place for it) late last week about sequencing to the (sadly) late Avicii AKA Tim Bergling. So Friday night I whipped up the below mini mix including some of his biggest hits. Far too many to squeeze into a short timeframe but I think it's alright. If you...
  8. QLDKing(Brad)

    STOP! Go Backup Your Sequences, NOW! And everything else.

    This was posted on the LOR forum, but it is probably a timely reminder to backup everything at this time of year, regardless of what software you are using. Also, a good reminder to back up all your controller settings, music and video files, and anything else related as well. If you are new...
  9. V

    3.x Newbie Question - Audio Length and Resources

    Dear all, First time poster, I have created a display using mainly 5050 RGB LED Strips and Single color LED mood lights hanging of 2 x 16 channel Sainsmart relays, and 2*250 ws2811 Addressable strips running of a second arduino. The system uses 2 arduino mega 2560's one for the 32 relays and...
  10. robj

    Peanuts Sequence

    [Problem in the XML File fixed 10/2/17] I have an early Christmas Present for the group. This is a Peanuts themed sequence, built on the song Linus And Lucy. I benefited greatly from the awesome Star Wars and Trolls sequences that Logan gave us in previous years and wanted to share with the...
  11. B

    Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser from xTreme Sequences!

    Another commissioned sequence to add to an existing Mega Tree sequenced by HolidaySequences. Hang on as things move really fast in this Can Can!!!
  12. B

    xTreme Sequences brings you two fun releases: One for Christmas and one for Halloween

    Turn Down For What is not your typical Christmas classic by any stretch of the imagination but when someone challenges me to take a rap song and give it some Christmas flair I run with it! LOL Castle Party has a jazzy feel...
  13. B

    New from xTreme Sequences! Human by Rag'n'Bone Man

    New Shape Effects too from version .24l!!! See if you can spot where I used it. I bet you can't. The obvious shapes on the tree and matrix don't count. Happy hunting!
  14. B

    Free Mapping Sequence from xTreme Sequences!

    Not only can you see how effects will look on your layout you get some nice effects to be used on your other sequences as you practice your sequencing.
  15. OzAz

    Happy Birthday song and Lyric Timings

    @battle79 asked for a Happy Birthday song sequence over on the Vixen thread, well I don't have vixen and I must have been bored - so attached is a quick and dirty lyrics track to the awesome version of happy birthday. :D you can fill in the rest of the sequencing. :rolleyes:
  16. B

    xTremeSequences Introduces Mapping and Consultation Services!

    Hello Australia!!!! I have been busy helping many in the US with mapping and custom sequences, not to mention my existing sequences in my store. Last year when I first posted sequences for sale in this forum it was really quiet and thought maybe this is a no-no so I focused my efforts in the...