3.x Newbie Question - Audio Length and Resources


New elf
Oct 14, 2017
Dear all,
First time poster,
I have created a display using mainly 5050 RGB LED Strips and Single color LED mood lights hanging of 2 x 16 channel Sainsmart relays, and 2*250 ws2811 Addressable strips running of a second arduino.

The system uses 2 arduino mega 2560's one for the 32 relays and one for the addressable lights.

Power is supplied via the host PC which is an older Dual Processor 3.0ghz dual Core windows 7 machine former server (Only one HDD)
I have tapped the dual 450W power supplies to power all the lights and even with all lights on and running have power to spare.
The machine has 4GB of Server Ram and idles at 2% Processor usage, spiking to about 50% when runninng the sequence.

My issue I believe is with Vixen 3 and the resources it needs for a sequence.

Currently as I tend to go hard or go home, i have a 6 min song selection and I have experienced some weird behaviors.
1. Due to baud rates when using 57600 the relays would shut off after 20 Seconds and 10 seconds at 115200. Using the 19200 I can have the relays run for the whole song.
2. Choppy Audio during playback
3. Occasional shudders in vixen

Does any body know if what the link between sequence length and resources are with vixen?

What is the Minimum Baud rate for using on Addressable LED strips that will allow for the 2* 250 Addressable strips to work?

Thanks in advance.