1. E

    Matrix Issue

    I put together a matrix of 768 pixels I'm injecting power 4 times across the matrix. My issue is that two times now, I had a strand of lights go bad at about the same location (not sure, might be the exact same location) The bottom portion (where the signal comes in) is still working, but the...
  2. S

    Dead to Death Pixels

    I'm newly returning to seek help. Looking through the forums, I can't tell you how impressed I am with all the opportunities here. I am disabled, therefore poor, and in desperate need of assistance. The question: outside of obviously burned to death pixels, can I test 12V 12mm led pixels with...
  3. damona

    Troubleshoot Nodes

    Hi Guys, I have 4 wire nodes string, X nodes in and it stops working. However some times it must work for a few seconds or milliseconds and lights stay on above the nodes that are working and no not change until it works again for a few milliseconds. Which sort of indicates the data signal...
  4. TastyHamSandwich

    FPP Won't Run Scheduler/Play Playlist Until I Plug Ethernet In

    Greetings, everyone! So I've got something of a unique issue in front of me, suddenly. I haven't seen this problem in the past, but I've so far been unable to roll back to a version of FPP that doesn't do this to me. I warn you now of the wall of text that is coming up, so skip to the bottom...