1. T

    BeagleBone Black playing videos or Rasperry Pi 4 to work with Hanson ME

    Hi All, I am really struggling with getting the HDMI (mini HDMI) output of the BeagleBone black to work with FPP. I have the FPP bootup info on the HDMI so I know the connection is working but it will not show within FPP as a HDMI output device I have the media files all linked and play when...
  2. rustybiker69

    Video format for FFP play on Matrix

    Hi, I have cut a small intro video for my show in Final Cut it is 58 seconds long and I exported as 1920x1080 using codec Timecode, H.264, MPEG-4 AAC. files size is 76Mb When the video plays on my Matrix ( BBB driven 4x4 panel) the video stutters and the sound played through the Rpi FPP master...
  3. Mischka

    Trying to find the animation for the Lights of Christmas by Owl City.

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to find the animation video for the Lights of Christmas by Owl City for my mega Tree display, does anyone know where I can find it? Cheers Geoff Canberra (1st Build this Year)
  4. QLDKing(Brad)

    Video recording your display

    Come this time of year some are releasing videos of there display to show them off, or you could be new and considering what to do. I would like to start a discussion around what people are using to record the display. I know this is going to go in lots of directions but thought I would make a...
  5. QLDKing(Brad)

    Bluetooth sound from a pi

    Is it possible to get sound out a pi using Bluetooth? I assume (if it can) it will need to be a USB dongle? Well there be a lag? I'm not looking at playing the audio to Bluetooth during the show. I am thinking about, when I record a video, putting a small Bluetooth speaker next to the camera to...
  6. OzAz

    Tombstone video projection

    The other Halloween project this weekend, a tombstone for projecting video onto. 1 sheet of Multi-Use Foam Board Grey paint Black paint My distressing/ageing didn't work out very well and for some reason the grey paint has "eaten" a small section :( Not too worried though, as long as the...
  7. QLDKing(Brad)

    STOP! Go Backup Your Sequences, NOW! And everything else.

    This was posted on the LOR forum, but it is probably a timely reminder to backup everything at this time of year, regardless of what software you are using. Also, a good reminder to back up all your controller settings, music and video files, and anything else related as well. If you are new...
  8. OzAz

    Video Projection Mapping software

    Attached is a list I've put together of all the video projection mapping software I could find (I may have purposely omitted some of the very high end or esoteric ones). No one site I found listed all the programs I've listed, which is what prompted me to put this list together as a reference...