1. xdandev91x

    Wire gauge concerns with multiple 600W PSUs

    Hi, I am setting up my first show and really don't want to burn the new house down... My main question is whether I can power inject with 18 gauge wire? If so, do I need to change my approach to power injection? The pixel voltage calculator indicated no issue with voltage drop in each power...
  2. X

    Stepping Wire Gauge Up and Down

    Hello all, This is my first year getting into the hobby after a couple of years of considering it but knowing I was about to move and deciding to wait. I've done a good bit of research and feel comfortable that I know all of the major elements that I need, but the wiring to connect it all...
  3. Wire Joining - Butt / Lap Method - YouTube

    Wire Joining - Butt / Lap Method - YouTube

    Joining two wires by tinning the ends first, then soldering them together. This is the way I do most of my joints.