1. B

    WLED/WT32-ETH01 Wiring Help

    To be completely honest. I've spent well over 80 hours on this part alone. I should have asked for help a long time ago, I guess that's one of those things men really struggle with. Asking for help when they are stuck. To make matters worse, I even found a video of a man who uses the exact...
  2. B

    Help needed for Noob.

    Hey, New to the hobby, I've always just used dumb LEDs, but the guy up the road whom I have unofficially always competed with has now gone this route, so now I need too in order to be better. (yeah, I'm that kind of guy). So, I'm starting in January 2024 to have everything ready for Christmas...
  3. Mischka

    Mini Tree Wiring across Ports

    Hi Everyone, Another quick question in regards to Channels that flow across Ports. I've got my F16v3 (Awesome piece of kit too!!) and I've got 6 Mini Trees (100Nodes per tree) they start on Port 2 - Universe 3 - Channel 1021 and finish on Port 3 - Universe 6 - Channel 2820. So the first two...
  4. Sydney Mini 2017 - Power Injection and RGB Pixel Data

    Sydney Mini 2017 - Power Injection and RGB Pixel Data

    Presented by lithgowlights. What happens to your RGB Pixels if you don't inject power and what are the common methods of power injection with one or multiple power supplies?
  5. videoman3857

    Answered RGBO strings and CMB16 controller

    Hi All, Just a quick question. I have several strings of 4 colour Candle LEDS - each a separate run of Red, Green, Blue and Orange. I have a spare CMB16 lor controller and I want to control the light colours independently to each other. This board has 16 channels with + and - for each...