1. tt1182

    T790K controller +MADRIX5+ lededitk

    Im having issues with the T790 LED controller setup. The setup used to work but some settings were corrupted with system restore and the LEDEditK and Madrix 5 dont work anymore. Could you provide step by step setup for these programs and the controler itself? I can send ID changes to it but the...
  2. Johnno

    Closed Ink Creations Jan 2024 Prebuy

    Hi Everyone, John here from Ink Creations. We are excited to say our Pre sale has started today and will be running for a month. We are bringing in some of Your Pixels stores products this year including the Following YPS New and Improved Pixels (WS2811) YPS DUO Pixels (Genuine GS8208) YPS...
  3. K

    3D-printable jig for 25mm PVC Conduit

    HI everyone, Just adding this for anyone who might find it useful. This is a 3D-printable jig that I remixed from another design. It is a drilling jig for 25mm PVC Conduit for WS2811 pixels with a 50mm spacing. I...
  4. S

    Backyard Lighting with ESP8266 and WS2811 LEDs

    Hi guys, I've been messing around with RGB strips on and off for a while, never really doing anything "helpful" with them... now, I've got a new patio up in the backyard and I want to add my strips around the patio for some extra added lighting, and to put all of my strips to good use for a...
  5. Seed pixels.

    Seed pixels.

    Softwire seed pixels from @gflai . Mattos Design's also sell these under the 'Pebble' pixel name.
  6. ryanschristmaslights

    GS8208 12V pixel strings - A wildcard third option for the 5V vs 12V WS2811 question?

    '5 volt versus 12 volt, which one do I choose?' How many times have you seen someone ask the above question? More than likely they are not sure whether to buy WS2811 5V or 12V RGB pixels. Well how about a third contender, GS8208 12V pixels? Not all 12V is the same, as it turns out! Spoiler...
  7. Garage icicles

    Garage icicles

    Made from 5mm corflute and 25mm conduit from Bunnings. Holes were punched by a hot circle punch, this melted the edges which helped with rigidity. This was made to align 12v regulated Ray Wu icicles to a grid for text and other effects.
  8. 12v pixel voltage regulator tolerance.

    12v pixel voltage regulator tolerance.

    Voltage tolerance of 12v pixels from Ray Wu (Rita lighting). Video response to thread:
  9. firebat

    First WS2811 Pixel System

    Hi All, Firstly, awesome community you have here lads!! Everyone is super helpful and keen for lighting madness! Shoutout to @darylc who is a uber legend sending through a special edition F16v3 quick smart. So anyway.... I've been reading, searching and attempting to answer my own questions...
  10. Hexagram

    Ultra low WS2811 speed

    Hi team, Just wondering if this is anything I should be worried about - I have a few strings of icicles from Ray Wu running off a J1 ECG-P12R firmware 3.4b. I've read everywhere that the recommended speed is 3000-3600kbps, however I can only get my strings to work if I set the speed to...
  11. jjBrisvegas

    Answered Icicle issue

    Hi all, Have been putting together some new icicles using the Boscoyo mounts and Ray Wu 7,7,7 pixels. First six no problem, but the last is giving me grief. The first 20 or so pixels show white, while the rest seem to do what they should. Have tried several controllers and get the same result...
  12. PixelRopeLight - YouTube

    PixelRopeLight - YouTube

    10 meters of WS2811 Pixel Strip inside clear 19mm reinforced pressure hose 300 RGB LEDs over 100 Pixel Nodes (300 DMX Channels)
  13. Stopping random LED Pixel flicker with Ferrite Core - YouTube

    Stopping random LED Pixel flicker with Ferrite Core - YouTube

    Quick magical fix for random pixel flickering caused by interference and/or possible bad grounding.
  14. GS8208 vs WS2811 Colour Rendering - YouTube

    GS8208 vs WS2811 Colour Rendering - YouTube

    Testing the colour differences between GS8208 vs WS2811 LED pixel strip. According to the datasheet, GS8208 has an internal 8bit to 12bit conversion.
  15. GS8208 Vs WS2811 LED Pixel Strip - 1 vs 3 LED Resolution

    GS8208 Vs WS2811 LED Pixel Strip - 1 vs 3 LED Resolution

    Do you really need single LED pixel control with GS8208 or will the cheaper WS2811, 3 LED per pixel be just fine?
  16. WS2811

    WS2811 is an 8-bit LED Driver IC for RGB Pixels from WorldSemi. The IC is separate from the LED package.
  17. Narre Lights 2017 Behind the Scenes

    Narre Lights 2017 Behind the Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the new additions to the Narre Lights Christmas light show for 2017.
  18. Narre Lights 2016 Walkthrough

    Narre Lights 2016 Walkthrough

    Behind the scenes of our first year computerised/sequenced light show.
  19. D

    Cotton ball Lights garland v2.0 with Bluetooth remote control

    Some time ago I have bought Cotton ball lights garland and found ... it's boring :) No color change, no funny effects, everything is static. Now it's fixed !!! New Cotton ball lights garland v2 could be controlled using Bluetooth or manually by button. We have two apps for Apple/Android...
  20. Uzza

    Answered Different WS2811 PCB Strips

    Hi Guys, Been a long time since I posted anything, hope you guys are getting your setups done. In the past I have used the WS2811 addressable LED strip from the same supplier which gave me the strips that give you the wiring order of 12V GND Data This year I had to change where I got them from...
  21. Tonyst

    Answered Ray Wu's store ... (WS2811, WS2812 new pixel timing and controller compatibility?)

    Has anyone had any problems with lights from Ray Wu's store? I have just got a delivery of pixel strings and they are not working. Previously bought strings work but put the new ones in and nothing.
  22. BundyRoy

    ECG-P12S Test Pattern and WS2811 speed

    I've just fired up the P12 and tried the test pattern. I am getting output 1 going through the colours with a white led moving along the string with each change. This is what I expected to happen. The odd thing is all the other outputs are staying white and not changing. Is this normal or do I...