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2-pin RGB(W) light string

Discussion in 'RGB Lights - Intelligent Pixels and 3-Channel RGB' started by ruxtonrider, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. ruxtonrider

    ruxtonrider New Elf

    Jan 21, 2013
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    Hi, I picked up a number of new RGB light strands this year. They are distributed here in the states by "Santa's Best" in Riverwood IL. They are strings of 25 LED's. The 47 function remote control that comes with them is a rather sophisticated unit, having 2 buttons for function (up and down), 2 buttons for color (left and right), and one in the middle for white. It appears that the LED's are actually RGBW, because when the color is on white, you DO NOT see the three individual LED's on, it is just one chip lit. The remote actually has a bunch of SMC LED's that light up to show you which function the string is in. The box is a gold/black color, and has the number 1001-360-160 on it. The SKU is 0 30075 63517 3.

    The LED's only have two pins on them. None of the three or four wire stuff. My guess is that the data is sent over the power wires using a PWM type scheme. There is no separate wire for data like the 2811's.

    So my question, after all of this, is, does anyone know what the data format for the LED's is? I'm feeling too lazy to put a scope on it :)

    Thanks, Todd
  2. David_AVD

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    Well, seeing you're the first person to post about them (here at least) you better get off your lazy butt and stick that scope on them! :D

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