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Release 2019.26 Released

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by keithsw1111, May 24, 2019.

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    2019.26 May 24, 2019
    — enh (scott) When prompting for missing audio include the original audio filename to make it easier to find
    — enh (scott) When audio is missing look down 1 folder and grab it from there if found
    — enh (keith) Add plugin functionality to xSchedule. See “Plugin Docuentation.txt” in github for the interface specification. Also in github is a C# plugin wrapper with simple UI.
    — enh (keith) Move SMS Daemon to be an xSchedule plugin
    — enh (keith) Suport a “-shimmer” suffix on phonemes which will shimmer the phoneme mouth. This needs to be manually added where you want it
    — enh (keith) When dropping a video file and creating a video effect get smarter about the length of the effect created
    — enh (keith) Add a right click menu to the test dialog channel lists to quick select/deselect channels/models/outputs
    — enh (keith) When editing jukebox button definitions always pop up the dialog near the button
    — enh (keith) Fix #1554 add a set mode api to xschedule to turn on/off master and remote modes
    — bug (keith) Fix #1553 xschedule test mode disable does not restore xSchedule prior mode correctly
    — enh (keith) Fix #987 Add preset length to effect preset panel
    — bug (keith) Fix #959 Edit effect timing does not allow keyboard entry
    — enh (keith) Add a CTRL-A keyboard shortcut to layout panel to select all models
    — bug (keith) Remove a memory check in win32 which older versions of windows dont support
    — bug (dkulp) Better handling if other FPP discovery nodes are found that aren’t FPP (like ESPixelSticks)
    — bug (dkulp) Try to detect if “null” hostnames would appear in FPP Connect and ignore
    — enh (lee) Save audio volume between xLights runs

    xLights is available for download from https://xlights.org/releases/

    Issue tracker: https://github.com/smeighan/xLights/issues
    Video tutorials: https://videos.xlights.org
    xLights user manual: https://manual.xlights.org/xlights/
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