Release 2019.44 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.44 August 28, 2019
— enh (keith) Add support for Syncrolight serial protocol
— enh (keith) Add support for Syncrolight ethernet protocol
— enh (keith) Move a number of xSchedule items to their own threads to minimise pauses in playback
— enh (keith) Add extra variables to the xSchedule text playlist item so you can display things like song name
— enh (keith) Add check sequence check for reuse of the show folder name in subdirectories
— enh (scott) Add remote details to visualise exported csv file
— enh (scott) Auto enable canvas mode for shaders that require it
— bug (keith) Fix polyline model import imports them crazy large
— bug (keith) Fix model group name does not change immediately on screen when renamed
— bug (keith) Fix models disappear from layout screen but stay in model list
— bug (keith) Fix model size matching … particularly 2 and 3 point models
— bug (keith) Fix some custom model nodes vertically in the wrong position
— bug (keith) Fix xSchedule ping invalidly shows success when it has failed
— beg (keith) Fix dialog positioning to keep them fully on a single display

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