Release 2019.47 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.47 September 7, 2019
— enh (scott) Added Random Effect Selection Dialog
— enh (scott) Added SubModel/Phoneme/State name to Node Select dialog header text
— enh (scott) Added shift scroll wheel horizontal scrolling to Node Select dialog
— enh (keith) Add xSchedule API for speeding up/slowing down animation playback
— enh (keith) Add option inclusion of user email in logs to help us reach out to people experiencing issues
where we need more information
— enh (keith) Add progress while generating random effects as it runs slowly and it looks like it has hung
— enh (keith) Add setup export to models export
— enh (keith) Add sorting to controller connection column on layout tab
— enh (keith) Add alernate wiring to candy cane model
— enh (keith) Add the ability to display twitter account followers in xSchedule
— enh (keith) Add MQTT user/password support
— bug (keith) Make candy cane model consistent with arches model in the way it uploads to controller
— bug (keith) Fix some model groups dont include bottom line of pixels
— bug (dkulp) Fix layout import not working on OSX
— bug (dkulp) Fix setup tab right click menu not working … particularly on OSX
— bug (keith) Fix image model shrinks to zero size when property changed

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