Release 2019.57 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.57 October 13 2019
— enh (dkulp) Point Queen Mary for OSX to digitally signed versions for Catalina
— enh (dkulp) Optional support to use VideoToolbox API’s on OSX to use
hardware video decoders for Video effect. Can be enabled/disabled
on the Settings menu
— enh (dkulp) Upgrade to ffmpeg 4.2.1
— enh (scott) Add shift-U and shift-D key bindings to add fade in/out for one second to selected effects
– mostly there as an example of how to set these up
— bug (keith) Address effect selection lag
— bug (keith) Restore circles fade behaviour
— bug (keith) Fix corrupting xml by SMS options
— bug (keith) Fix dmx channel issues with ZCPP (affects only serial outputs where first model was not on channel 1)
— bug (keith) Fix multistring custome model without set indiv start nodes gets string lengths wrong

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