Release 2019.62 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.62 November 2 2019
— enh (gil) Prevent a zoom action from occurring while panning. Fixes #1782.
— enh (scott) Added ‘Horizontal Stack – Scaled’ & ‘Vertical Stack – Scaled’ Group Render Styles
— enh (scott) Added Copy & Rename to Model Faces Dialog
— enh (keith) Add some directx9 technical controls to special.options
— enh (keith) Add an arch gap model property
— enh (keith) Add option to double click an item to move between lists on model group panel and sequence elements panel
— enh (keith) Add some optional render cache logging to help detect issues with the cache
— enh (keith) Add quick seek to video reader for situations where the current position is well behind where it needs to be
— enh (keith) Add an option to xSchedule so that on restart scheduled sequences which have missed their start times start
where they would have been up to – great for crash recovery situations
— bug (gil) Fix preview windows flashing white while panning.
— bug (keith) Improve stability of xFade under high load and improve throughput to over 300 universes
— bug (keith) A number of tweaks to hardware video decoding to improve stability and fallback to software decoding.
Also default to software decoding until we have better reliability
— bug (dkulp) Some tweaks to FPP connect to improve discovery
— bug (scott) Fix importing submodels adds invalid data
— bug (scott) Fix FPP connect not uploading panel start channel if port is defined
— bug (keith) Models that fully overlap but are on different smart remotes should be uploaded on separate virtual strings
— bug (keith) Fix set pixels api has wrong definition
— bug (keith) Fix bulk edit dimming curves dont immediately apply to sequenced effects
— bug (keith) Fix colour panel update does not apply to effects that are not visible

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