Release 2019.64 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.64 November 9 2019
— enh (scott) Added Pixlite and EasyLights Controllers to the Controller Selection Dropdown.
— enh (keith) Make lyrics entry dialog resizable
— enh (dkulp) Add zlib compressed FSEQ support
— enh (keith) Add degrees setting to sphere model
— bug (gil) Fix effect alignment bug if some effects are offscreen above visible area. Fixes #1192.
— bug (gil) Fix panning so it’s 1:1 in 2D.
— bug (keith) Fix falcon upload virtual strings on smart remotes dont load in correct order
— bug (keith) Fix falcon dmx upload wont take start channel greater than 512 if in absolute addressing mode
— bug (keith) Fix crash loading mono audio files
— bug (keith) Fix 3D model scaling issues for one high boxed models
— bug (keith) Fix 2 colour LPE/LOREDIT colours not importing correctly
— bug (runion) Fix unicast does not send FPP media sync

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