Release 2019.66 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
NOTE: The windows release has been moved to an entirely new development tool and consequently there is an increased chance of issues with this release. If you experience problems we recommend you go back to 2019.64 as the last stable release.

2019.66 November 25 2019
— enh (will) Added Test Mode (BETA) plugin to xSchedule Web interface
— enh (scott) Added APA102 pixel protocol support.
— enh (scott) Added ‘Alt + Left Click’ panning to the Layout Tab – 2D only.
— enh (scott) Added AlphaPix 4 Controller Upload Support.
— enh (keith) Add bulk edit of smart remotes
— enh (dkulp) Add uncompressed sparse v2 fseq file format for really low end controllers
— bug (dkulp) Take a bunch of effects out of render cache that dont need to be there
— bug (dkulp) Fix some bugs in setting the FPP restart flag when doing uploads
— bug (dkulp) Fix a render and export model crash
— bug (keith) Add bulk edit to warp effect choice fields
— bug (keith) Fix xSchedule web UI password not working
— bug (keith) Default J1SYS to 3200 speed
— bug (keith) To fix errors like blank playlist dialog in xSchedule, memory leak in xSchedule I have moved
the windows release to visual c++
— bug (keith) Fix crash changing simple playlist step name
— bug (keith) Fix 4 channel WRGB strings
— bug (keith) Fix crash with single colour snowstorm effects

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