Release 2019.71 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.71 December 21 2019
— enh (scott) (beta) Added Hinkspix Pro/Easylights 16 Controller Upload
— enh (keith) Show next schedule which will play in blue text on the UI
— enh (keith) Add support for negative polyline drops … sticks
— bug (keith) Fix falcon split upload calc does not account for nulls and lots of virtual strings
— bug (keith) Fix jump to step does not work in xSchedule correctly if steps have duplicate names
— bug (keith) Fix turn off lights when xSchedule test mode is turned off
— bug (keith) Fix S5 channel effects on multicolour models do not import
— bug (keith) Prompt when cancelling custom model data edit if something changed
— bug (keith) Fix windows stack walk not working when xLights crashes
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash when model changes and we dont unselect any active effect
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash when loading some sequences
— bug (dkulp) Fix crash if effect is deleted while mouse is down

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