Release 2019.73 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.73 December 30 2019
— enh (gil) Improve 3D model rotate tool…single models rotate better and it works with groups
— enh (keith) Add useful status details to buttons plugin web pages
— enh (keith) Include the visual c++ runtimes in the main install file
— enh (keith) Show current schedule end time in the web UI
— bug (keith) Fix issue where more than one schedule can show as next
— bug (keith) Fix issue where next scheduled time is not always calculated
— bug (keith) Allow PlayList MQTT item data to include xml special characters
— bug (keith) Fix arches with > 1 light per node does not respect the gap property
— bug (keith) Change apply setting key binding so it updates all selected effects … not just the UI
— bug (keith) Fix some value curves dont drop on value curve buttons
— bug (scott) Fix hinkspix channel mapping error
— bug (gil) Fix paste by cell for single effect does not use cell percentage

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