Release 2019.74 Released


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Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2019.74 December 31 2019
— enh (scott) Added HinksPix Export Dialog to generate stand alone mode files. No “Foreign” Slave support yet.
— enh (gil) Allow all models and objects to be selected for rotation and translation
— enh (gil) Allow 3D View Objects to be group rotated and translated
— enh (keith) Add to check sequence some opinionated views on undesirable settings
— bug (gil) Fix 3D View Objects rotation…i.e. mesh objects, grids, etc.
— bug (gil) Model versions were not being saved with the new version number. This is fixed now but if you
moved any of your rotations and saved in .73 you will need to fix them.

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I love blinky lights :)
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Dec 27, 2010
Well done Scott, Gil, Keith, Dan and all the other developers who have contributed their time to making Xlights the standout sequencer in the lighting community. Absolutely amazing that there has now been 74 releases for 2019. Not sure that I'm looking forward to 2020 yet as it may end my upgrading for a while as 2 of my 3 main computers are still rocking Win7 32 bit. What can still be done on that is amazing though. After using LOR and a little bit of LSP I don't consider any render time to be excessive.
Kinda looking forward to seeing your enhancement in action and what it says about my layout and channel assignments :D
Happy New Year