Release 2020.09 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.9 March 9 2020
— enh (keith) Where model knows the controller it is on apply controller limitations to the model properties
— enh (keith) Copy backup folder options into the preferences tab for backup
— enh (keith) Prevent model names and controller names from having leading and trailing spaces … as these cause hard to detect issues
— enh (keith) Add protocol setting and constraints to the visualiser
— enh (dkulp) Add e1.31 Auto upload for Falcons
— bug (gil) Fix DmxMovingHead3D beam not showing up
— bug (dkulp) Fix orientation and start corner of overlay models uploaded to FPP
— bug (dkulp) Fix visualizer on HiDPI display on Windows
— bug (dkulp) Fix cape detection for known FPP capes
— bug (scott) Fix group count on falcon controllers
— bug (scott) Fix SanDevice controller limits and auto layout
— bug (scott) Fix Alphapix controller limits
— bug (keith) Fix Falcon controller limits
— bug (keith) Fix ESPixelStick does not show a pixel port

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