Release 2020.10 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.10 March 17 2020
— enh (kevin) Add five new transitions for matrices / high-density props
— enh (keith) Add SanDevices E680 to controller options … but no upload
— enh (keith) Add ability to set the centre point for minimal grid model groups
— enh (keith) Add the ability to generate submodels from 3D custom model slices
— enh (keith) Add the ability to suppress model groups when defining model groups
— enh (keith) Add ability to render and export models just for selected effect range
— bug (keith) Fix controlle port range set to serial range when port is currently set to 0
— bug (keith) More fixes to handle leading/trailing spaces in model names

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