Release 2020.16 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.16 April 17 2020
— enh (dkulp) Support for saving the password for FPP instances.
— enh (keith) Add colour organ to xSchedule
— enh (keith) Add time since start of playlist to schedule displays and in getplaying status api
— enh (keith) When dragging handle on model show coordinates in the status bar
— enh (keith) Add ability to append to file from a playlist item – great for logging what plays when
— bug (dkulp) Fix FPP instances being discovered as PixLites.
— bug (dkulp) Prevent FPP instances with duplicate hostname from being added
to the controller list with same name.
— bug (dkulp) KulpLights F8-B’s are mixing up ID’s for the “No Serial” and “4 Serial” cases
— bug (keith) Auto remote smart controller settings from models on controllers that dont support them in visualiser
— bug (keith) Fix model group centre displays in wrong place
— bug (keith) Fix setting start channel on model does not blank controller name
— bug (keith) Fix eyeballs dont work on timing tracks in master view in display elements
— bug (keith) Display polyline points in same coordinate system as other models
— bug (keith) Fix renaming a model on sequence load removes the target model from all views
— bug (keith) Fix a crash in text effect when % is entered
— bug (keith) Fix cancel edit of custom model data zeros the z location
— bug (keith) Fix crash due to render progress exceeding the limit

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