Release 2020.19 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.19 May 11 2020
— enh (keith) Make it possible to clear the set model brightness from in the visualiser
— enh (keith) Limit the list of vendors to those who have controllers that work with the chosen controller type
— enh (keith) Add a hard stop option to xSchedule
— enh (keith) Load models in parallel to speed up model load
— enh (keith) Add port tooltips in visualiser to help manually configure controllers
— enh (priemd) Add grey option to wiring view
— bug (kevin) Fix house-preview video export broken for odd-numbered heights
— bug (keith) Fix issues with control tab convert not converting some !desc:sc entries correctly
— bug (keith) Fix display export does not work for animations
— bug (keith) Fix crash in servo effect if some skull servos are missing
— bug (keith) Fix Falcon upload should refuse to upload invalid smart remote/non smart remotes on the same block of 4 ports
— bug (keith) Fix custom model dimensions inflate by 1 when you edit the custom model data
— bug (keith) Make scrubbing work in animations
— bug (keith) Display picture effect as all red if the filename is blank
— bug (keith) Fix scroll to model in visualiser
— bug (keith) Fix every step is counting in sequence overall times
— bug (keith) Change xSchedule to stop at the start of the end time rather than at the end of the end time minute
— bug (keith) Fix crash adding models to groups
— bug (keith) Fix models lose protocol in visualiser
— bug (keith) Fix panels dont enable correctly when new sequence created
— bug (priemd) Fix display of submodel start channel
— bug (kevin) Fix display export exports blank video if video is an odd number of pixels high
— bug (dkulp) Fix matrix panel uploads incorrectly enabling BBB strings

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