Release 2020.2 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.2 January 11 2020
— enh (dkulp) OpenGL – Allow 24bit depth buffer for OpenGL canvas.
— enh (dkulp) OpenGL – For <=16bit depth buffer for OpenGL canvas, adjust the near clipping plane to provide more precision for z-depth to use. This fixes most issues with Render Style 1 on Intel.
— enh (dkulp) OpenGL – if problems creating context, fallback to using the shared context. Mostly works fine to share it. Should happen, but occasionally does with SideCar.
— enh (scott) Rewrote Select Effect Panel. Effects can be selected by Effect Type. Removed Regex Searching.
— enh (gil) Reorganized DMX models into separate classes. Make sure you have backups of your show folder
just in case since it was a huge change.
— enh (dkulp) Reduce number of wxIdleEvent are being processed to reduce CPU usage
— eng (keith) Add support for the GDTF model file format in model import (DMX fixtures)
— bug (dkulp) Videos with B frames may stop rendering. Fixes #1902
— bug (dkulp) OpenGL – Always create canvas with depth buffer. This is required for SideCar.
— bug (gil) View Objects were still saving with version 3 positioning instead of 4 causing rotation changes to keep reversing in X and Y
— bug (gil) Fix lasso’ed effects not properly selecting or setting the selected row
— bug (gil) Fix an unselected effect on top or bottom row could block a group effect move
— bug (gil) Fix Circle model display when wiring starts in the center. Fixes #1905
— bug (gil) Fix Circle model not redrawing when changing wiring start location
— bug (gil) Fix rotation handle not working for 2D square models
— bug (keith) Fix visualiser displays incorrect number of channels on unused serial output
— bug (keith) Add phone blacklist file to windows install
— bug (scott) Fix arches end channel not updating when node count changes

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