Release 2020.24 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2020.24 June 13 2020
— enh (keith) Change model export to xmodel to include all groups that only contain submodels/strands of the model being exported
— enh (keith) Optionally allow xCapture to insert any missing frames in the generated FSEQ file due to frame dropping.
— enh (keith) Be smarter about pre-selecting timing tracks when importing sequences if they are not already present in the sequence
— enh (keith) Add right click select all/none to lyric track list in import dialog
— enh (keith) Add the ability to drop fragment shaders onto the effects grid from explorer/finder
— enh (keith) Add value curves to the video effect crop settings … but beware this is slow
— enh (keith) Increase xSchedule schedule priority range to 1-20. Priorities above 10 will beak anything in the queue allowing schedules to trump remote falcon when required
— enh (keith) Add advanced RGB-RGBW conversion
— enh (kevin) Add support for audio shaders
— enh (priemd) Layout Panel multi select in Tree (#2071)
— enh (priemd) Additional options for Layout Panel Tree View popup menu
— enh (scott) Add an optional secound outline on face definitions
— enh (scott) Add a rotation offset to the pinwheel effect
— enh (scott) Add right click clear cells to custom model editor
— bug (keith) Fix falcon full control of F48 with less than 32 outputs configured not uploading correctly
— bug (keith) Fix a crash rendering effect on a DMX model
— bug (keith) Fix some residual issues with models which had leading or trailing spaces. They will still throw an error but that will go away on next save of sequence/layout
— bug (keith) Fix opening sequence via FSEQ no longer finds XML if that is still the sequence file name
— bug (keith) Fix windows setup to update controller config files on install
— bug (keith) Fix an issue with face effect where it stops refering to the lyric track and uses the selected phoneme
— bug (keith) Fix fade node range order does not work if specified backwards
— bug (keith) Fix reversed LOR models not importing from S5
— bug (keith) Fix Advatek controller config did not allow for expanded mode
— bug (dkulp) Fix some dark mode colour issues
— bug (dkulp) Add xsq to “all” sequence import selection
— bug (scott) Fix cut/copy/paste greyed out in custom model dialog

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